“Do electronic craftsmen have a sense of humor, or are they just serious all the time with no personality? You know, nerds?”

I was asked this a few times and as I type this I am both laughing and, I will be honest; a few snorts as well. (Not the same snorts as the laughing in Revenge of the Nerds 1, 2 and 3) a kinda cool, snort. Like if the FONZ snorted. It’s possible! Stop laughing! See, I bet a few of you just snorted too, you just won’t admit it. It’s ok, your secret is safe. Now your high school Chess trophy on the other hand…..

I had an *interesting* transition into the world of electronics when I started at 18. Since I was into electronics and had my first *fixed wattage* soldering iron at 6 years old.. ( yeah, what can I say… I still to this day miss the smell of the old Radio Shacks) Come to think of it, they all smelled the same back then. Wool, polyester,  basement mildew, packaging  plastic, import plastic  molded  toys, the scent of analog electronics *burning  in* and ok, lets add  in  cigarette smoke, breath  mints and a dash of desperation. God how I miss those battery rewards cards…

It was at an interesting time. Grown men were still living in their parent’s basements and at 40, eh. 40 is the new 20, right? Pocket protectors were still a very COMMON site as were the *up all night, haven’t showered in days* sweat and oil matted hair. Let’s not forget the signature Weird AL glasses. Sorry, I can’t make this up! Oh and the water cooler talk? Oh my, I never needed to watch Star Trek because that is all I heard my coworkers speak of when they weren’t working. Seriously…. Can’t make this stuff up.

~ok, they weren’t ALL like this. But more than not.~

I was 18, into chasing the *chics* long haired, into rock and roll and classics like, The Doors and Floyd. I had an appearance to maintain for all my *cool friends* outside of work, while also trying to fit in with my fellow co-workers and play the part. Last thing I wanted them to think was I was a free radical hippy stoner-otherwise I may have gotten piss tested…

I was just pouring a cup of coffee when I laughed. NOT snorted…

My mind raced to a time and place I recalled so vividly… I actually at one point in my life worked at a Radio Shack, when they still sold component parts and not just a junk retail store like they are now. THE stories I could, and probably will at one point or another talk about, ha-ha. …Snort.



“Name and address, Please?”

“Do you need any batteries to go with that, or for anything else you have at home?”

“I see you bought the 6204 analog conversion interface with built in semi-conductor transducing technology, can I recommend the * Semi-oscillating ,  solid state, refracting toaster oven with the built in am and FM transmitter?”

“Oh what cute children you have, did you happen to notice all of our FM frequency remote control cars are on sale this week? Just buy a 50 pack of AA’s and the car is yours for $5. And by the way, the car runs on 1 nine volt and 4 D cells.”

“Thank you for your purchase of an UHF/VHF aerial antenna. Could I interest you in possibly upgrading to our newest satellite service provider?”

“Yes Sir, I understand the colors are different on the outside. But a nine volt battery is a nine volt battery, I promise you it will work.” TRUE STORY THERE!!!

“ Absolutely, we have all the components you would ever need to build your own *free cable box* every purchase comes with a prison sentence when you get caught, too.”


~Smacking myself on the forehead~

I think I need more coffee…….