I do not know about you, but nothing is finer than a nice cup of straight up coffee. Mind not the milk or fancy creamers; just serve it to me black, some days with some cane sugar and other days, nothing. ( Unless I am at a diner, then of course all the cream and sugar in the world please. make that cup a liquid cheesecake of calories and sweetness )

” I expected so much more seeing what you make? Really, that is all it takes? ”

I get that response a lot when people come over and actually see my  *Mad scientist work station*

They always assume electronic engineers. Wait…… I’m changing that. I never liked the title *Electronic Engineer*, So I am changing that right now.

~Electronic Craftsman~ *Yea, that is the title choice of my endless years behind copper traces and lead*


getting back on topic. When people come over they expect to see something right out of the science fiction movies and those old mad scientist labs. I’m talking about the Jacobs ladders, the old tube oscilloscopes, bench top multi-meters, pulse generators, miles of wires running everywhere like the scene of a great analog synthesizer all wired up for audio madness. Perhaps a few test tubes of bubbling,smoking liquid. ( ok that one may be a bit far fetched but come on now, people have some grand imaginations ) Maybe even the vision of a seriously disturbed *craftsman* with an overflowing ashtray, a thick smog in the air that makes your eyes water and a smell that is for the better part; overwhelming.

Oh yea, and do not forget the wall to wall benches and shelves supporting all this gear and only a 1 foot square work space that is actually clear enough to work on…….


I am a minimalist. Seriously, minus the endless drawers, boxes and tupperware containers holding all my components; what more does one really need?

1) A good adjustable soldering iron and a arsenal of varying tips

2) A good handheld multi-meter capable of voltage-resistance-current

3) Smoke ventilation scrubber

4) A USB oscilloscope ( an absolute PRO in this ever progressing electronics world )

5) A strong cup of coffee

6) MUSIC !!!

7) A CLEAN ( well to start…. ) work area

That’s about it!

I was able to utilize my mind and live in many states working with electronics, so traveling light became a necessity. Besides, we all know that most of the crap we gathered over the years to add to our *work area* was just out of shear had to have and for some, simply an ego booster.

I have had a lot of great friends come and go in the music industry, some with only a six string on their back and others with a van full of stacks to *enhance* their sound. But at the end of the day, it was always the man with only the guitar that produced the most amazing music. Where the others were so distracted by tweaking and adjusting and troubleshooting and wiring and tuning and so on and so on that I do not even recall hearing them ever play anything- or, anything to justify all that expense. But to each their own! Whatever gets us through this rat race I say.