I think the best part of being born in 1976 was, it was without a doubt the best time to grow up ( especially, if one was into electronics ). There were many other reasons also, but this area is what caught me at a young age.

I was fortunate enough to have been raised by my father who himself was an electrical engineer and owned his own electronics repair/design business up till his passing. Sounds boring to people that never caught the negatively charged electron bug, but for me; it was interesting to see how the technology changed over the years. * For better and, for worse *

One of the key aspects in this timing that I was happy to have fallen in is, I was young and absorbed the world of the analog circuit and right as the digital world came crashing down on us, I was also, young enough to to absorb it with the same level of passion.


in all honesty, I still prefer analog circuitry over digital. Each has it’s own unique pros and cons. I could spend an hour soldering components together just to build a astable square wave output with a 555 chip or,a couple transistors, caps and resistors. Simple enough. Or, I could write one simple line of code,download it into a EEPROM and by the time I hit enter, I created the same output with just enough spent time to sip once from the coffee mug. The other side of that coin is also the artistic side. Creating an analog circuit will always be to me, a fading art. The pipe cleaner art of electronics where digital components to me are more like connecting blocks.

With that said,

Welcome to my little hard drive storage space of pictures, designs, electronics and most likely a lot of personal rambling as the solder smoke dances in the air and the caffeine gets me restless with possibilities.